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Name: Theia
Japanese Name: テイア, Theia
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Estelia
Family: Unknown
Class: Team Kaos Leader
Friends: Unknown
First Appearance: Pokémon Dawn and Dusk Versions

Theia (Japanese: テイア, Theia) is the boss of Team Kaos and the primary antagonist of Pokémon Dawn Version. She seeks to harness the power of the sun through the legendary New Dawn Pokémon, Solamasa. Theia is the only character in Pokémon Dawn Version to have the Trainer class "Team Kaos Boss" (Japanese: チームカオスボス, Team Chaos Boss)

In the gamesEdit


Pokémon Dawn VersionEdit

First battleEdit
Second battleEdit

Pokémon Dusk VersionEdit

Pokémon Eclipse VersionEdit


Pokémon Dawn VersionEdit

Pokémon Dusk VersionEdit

Pokémon Eclipse VersionEdit

In the animeEdit


Voice actorsEdit

In the mangaEdit

In the TCGEdit


  • Theia is the first leader of a villainous team to be female.


Language Name Origin
Japanese テイア, Teia From "Theia", a titan goddess in Greek mythology associated with the sun
English Theia Same as Japanese name.
French, Italian  ??? From ???
German  ??? From ???
Spanish  ??? From ???
Korean  ??? From ???
Chinese (Mandarin)  ??? From ???

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