Team Kaos (Japanese:カオス団, Chaos-dan, literally Chaos Gang) is one of two villainous teams found in the Estelia region, the other being its rival, Team Order. Team Kaos's ultimate goal is to harness the powers of the sun through the legendary Pokémon Solamasa.

Team Kaos heavily influences the events that transpire in the Estelia region; its members have even infiltrated the Pokémon League. Upon their leader Theia's downfall, the members of Team Kaos shift their interests to Synchro-Fusion and the legend of the Ragnarok Quartet. It is only after its plans involving the legendary Pokémon Impertogon, Palisaegon, Exsonigon, and Abzolugon fail that Team Kaos finally disbands.

In the gamesEdit

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