Route 1 is a location in Pokemon Shining Stars.

Wild Pokemon Edit

Pokemon Level Rarity Method
Pidgey 2-3 Very Common Grass

Headbutt A Tree

Rattata 2-3 Very Common Grass
Sentret 2-3 Very Common Grass
Caterpie 2-3 Common Grass

Headbutt A Tree

Hoothoot 2-3 Common Grass

Headbutt A Tree

Weedle 2-3 Common Grass

Headbutt A Tree

Pikachu 3-5 Rare Grass
Eevee 3-6 Swarm Grass
Ditto 3-6 Swarm Grass
Magikarp 13-17 Very Common Fishing Rod


Goldeen 13-17 Common Fishing Rod


Trainer Fights Edit

Trainer Name Pokemon Level Rewards
Player's Rival Advantage Starter 5 Pichu (Level 5)

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