Polarice Town
??? ???
"A chilling town of warm hearts."
Location info
Region: Estelia
Connecting routes:  ???
Gym info
Name: Polarice Gym

Type(s): Ice
Badge: Sorbet Badge
Pokémon Gyms

Polarice Town (Japanese: ???, ???) is a town located in the Estelia region. It is the hometown of the Gym Leader Norbert. The town is covered in snow and ice year-round, trapped in an eternal winter.

Places of interestEdit

Polarice GymEdit

Main article: Polarice Gym

The Polarice Gym is the official Pokémon Gym. It is led by Norbert and is attached to Norbert's Chilly Treats.

Norbert's Chilly TreatsEdit

Norbert's Chilly Treats is the most popular ice cream shop in the entire Estelia region. As its name implies, it is run by Norbert.

Poké MartEdit




  • Polarice Town's Japanese motto is 温かい心の凍る町 (A chilling town of warm hearts).


Name OriginEdit

Language Name Origin
Japanese  ??? ??? From ???
English Polarice Town From "Polaris," the North Star
French  ??? From ???
German  ??? From ???
Italian  ??? From ???
Spanish  ??? From ???
Korean  ??? ??? From ???

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