Pokemon Shining Stars is a new Pokemon RPG Game.

Locations Edit


Available Items Edit

  • Pokeball
  • Greatball
  • Ultra-Ball
  • Master-Ball
  • Potion
  • Super Potion
  • Hyper Potion
  • Max Potion
  • Full Restore
  • Revive
  • Max Revive
  • Lucky Egg
  • Fire Stone
  • Water Stone
  • Leaf Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Moon Stone
  • Trading Link
  • Friendship Doll
  • Sun Stone
  • Ever Stone
  • Metal Coat
  • King's Rock
  • Dragon Scale
  • Up-Grade
  • Up-Grade (V2)
  • Mega Stone
  • Defense Stone
  • Attack Stone
  • Speed Stone
  • Mysterious Pokeball

Gyms Edit

  • Zapcos Gym (Electric Type)
  • Fountall Gym (Water Type)
  • Metal-Rocker Gym (Steel Type)
  • Spafire Gym (Fire Type)
  • Flowter Gym (Grass Type)
  • Baseci Gym (Ground Type)
  • 2S4M Gym (Ghost Type)
  •  ??? Gym (All Types)

Mystery Codes Edit

Active Codes Edit

Code Pokemon Level Requirement
Bab-Ma Magby Level 5 None
Bab-Kid Elekid Level 5 None
SmoochWeed Smoochum Level 5 None
LeafiEx Treecko Level 15 Defeat The First Gym.
FireChick Torchic Level 15 Defeat The First Gym.
MudSlap Mudkip Level 15 Defeat The First Gym.
WatBoi Totodile Level 10 Defeat The First Gym.

Have A Water Type Pokemon In

Your Party.

Pikablu Marill (Shiny) Level 12 Defeat The Second Gym.

Have A Water Type And A Fire Type

Pokemon In Your Party.

MyFavouritePokemon Charmander (Shiny) Level 15 Defeat The Third Gym.

Have A Pokemon That Is Strong

Against Fire Type Pokemon.

StrongestOfAll Dratini (Shiny) Level 25 Register At Least 50 Pokemon.

Catch A Eevee And A Ditto.

Have A Fire Type,Water Type And A

Grass Type Pokemon In Your


StrongestLegendary Lugia Level 700 Complete The Game.

Complete The Terrie Pokedex.

Obtain All Pokemon From The

Mystery Codes.

Expired Codes Edit

Code Pokemon Level
E2E Porygon (Shiny) Level 10
MagicLol Abra (Shiny) Level 10
MyCatty Cyndaquil Level 10
LeafiEZ Chikorita Level 10
SQUK Haunter (Shiny) Level 25

Special Legendary Events Edit

Event Pokemon Level Method/Locations
Lugia Level 75 Ultimate-Route
Moltres Level 50 Spafire Cave
Zapdos Level 50 Abandoned Lab
Articuno Level 50 Sannax Lake
Ho-Oh Level 75 The Broken Tower
Celebi Level 85 Fairy Universe
Entei Level 50 Dogs' Cave
Suicune Level 50 Dogs' Cave
Raikou Level 50 Dogs' Cave
Mew Level 85 Fairy Universe
Mewtwo Level 85 Ultimate-Route
Groudon Level 95 Spafire Cave
Kyorge Level 95 Sannax Lake
Rayquaza Level 100 The Invisible Tower
Deoxys Level 125 The Invisible Tower
Jirachi Level 125 Fairy Universe
Latias Level 250 Fairy Universe
Latios Level 250 Fairy Universe
Registeel Level 75 Ultimate-Route
Regice Level 75 Ultimate-Route
Regirock Level 75 Ultimate-Route
Rotom Level 100 Goster Mansion
Uxie Level 125 Fairy Universe
Mesprit Level 125 Fairy Universe
Azelf Level 125 Fairy Universe
Dialga Level 350 Unown Cave
Palkia Level 350 Unown Cave
Heatran Level 475 Spafire Cave
Regigigas Level 500 Ultimate-Route
Giratina Level 750 Distortion World
Manaphy Level 950 Fairy Universe
Darkrai Level 750 Dark Universe
Shaymin Level 950 Fairy Universe
Arceus Level 1000 Ultimate-Route
Victini Level 1000 Spafire Cave
Cosmog(Good) Level 75 Fairy Universe
Cosmog(Evil) Level 75 Dark Universe
Buzzwole Level 2500 Abandoned Lab
Nihilego Level 2500 Abandoned Lab
Pheromosa Level 2500 Abandoned Lab
Xurkitree Level 2500 Abandoned Lab
Guzzlord Level 10000 Abandoned Lab
Celesteela Level 5000 Abandoned Lab
Kartana Level 7500 Abandoned Lab
Necrozma Level 999,999,999 Ultimate-Route
Magearna Level 999,999,999 Fairy Universe
Zygrade Level 999,999,999,999,999,999 Abandoned Lab