Theme is 'Pokemon in land, water, sky even outerspace! New Pokemon are Plusleo Psychic/Fighting type, Minubird Dark/Flying type and Zerodra Normal/Dragon type.' Pokemon Plus and Minus have the villainous group named 'Team Numbers'. The protagonist will save from the Team Numbers attacks with legendary Pokemon. Release in 2022. like before, The Pokemon 25th anniversary with Mewtwo vs Arceus theme will come again, The starters are Azmander Water-type, Verleo Grass-type and Chashrew Fire-type. Explore the Shinchi region. Shinchi region is based on Western Indonesia. Azmander's final evolution will be Water/Steel type, Verleo's final evolution will be Grass/Fairy type and Chashrew's will be Fire/Fghting type. This one will like before, The 'Counter type-triangle'. The Pokemon has new type, so many. Light, Cosmic and Sound. Boss name is named One. Champion is named Mars. Gym are

-Water type

-Ground type

-Fighting type

-Ice type

-Electric type

-Cosmic type

-Fire type

-Ghost type

-Dragon type.

Professor named Lapa, He will give The Key Stone after you Battled with Rival. Main rival named Tom. which the Starter Pokemon is your weakness but because The Counter type Triangle has after first evolution, You can attack theme their weakness with STAB.


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