M21 - Pokémon the Movie: Resurrection Reinkaiju
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Movie Information
Directed by The Pokémon Master
Produced by The Pokémon Master
Written by The Pokémon Master
Season Pokémon Movie
Running time 100 minutes
Budget Unknown
Japan Unknown
United States Unknown
Home video
Japan TBA
United States TBA
Japan G
United States G

Pokémon the Movie: Resurrection Reinkaiju (Japanese: ???, ???) is the twenty-first Pokémon movie. It was first revealed on May 5, 2014 at 10:20 PM EST.

This Pokémon movie features features the mythical Pokémon Reinkaiju and Zamsarma, as well as both members of the Mentality Duo, Athastros and Deliacoros.


When a new enemy seeks to destroy the mythical Pokémon Reinkaiju in order to put an end to the continuous cycle of death and rebirth he has been cursed with, Ash Ketchum must seek the power of Zamsarma in order to stop him. Will Ash be able to accomplish this task? To be successful on his newest and most thrilling journey yet, he must always have hope and never submit to despair.


Ash Ketchum must awaken the mythical Pokémon Zamsarma if he is to save the life of the Reincarnation Pokémon, Reinkaiju, from Rex Regis, a man who seeks to obtain nirvana and break free of the endless cycle of death and rebirth with which Reinkaiju cursed him. Guiding Ash on his quest to the place where Zamsarma sleeps is the legendary Pokémon Athastros, while attempting to undermine him on his journey is the legendary Deliacoros. With his friends and faithful partner Pikachu at his side, Ash sets out on his latest adventure.

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