The eighth generation of Pokémon is the eighth installment of the Pokémon series. Like previous generations, the first installments, Pokémon Plus and Minus, were released as a pair. Both of these games were released for the Nintendo 3DS.

It is unknown when Pokémon Plus and Minus take place in comparison to the Pokémon games of other generations.

Advances in gameplayEdit

Being on the same console as the games from the generation before them, the Generation VIII games enhance the Pokémon experience on the Nintendo 3DS in several ways. Advancements in Generation VIII include:

  • ??? new Pokémon have been introduced, bringing the total number of Pokémon discovered to ???.
  • ??? new moves have been introduced, bringing the total number of known moves Pokémon can learn to ???.
  • ??? new abilities have been introduced, bringing the total number of abilities Pokémon can have to ???. Pokémon from previous generations can also have these new abilities.
  • A new region awaits exploration. It is far away from the regions featured in previous generations and is based on Southeast Asia.
  • Monochrome Pokémon have been introduced. Even more rare than Shiny Pokémon, these black-and-white Pokémon are all ???-type and have no weaknesses. Their moves are all ???-type and are super-effective against all non-???-type Pokémon. Only one Monochrome Pokémon exists for every known Pokémon species.
  • Two new villainous teams are introduced in Pokémon Plus and Minus, Team Olympus and Team Asgard.
  • The total number of available TMs has been increased from ??? to ???.

Alterations from Generation VIIEdit



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Starter PokémonEdit

The starter Pokémon of Generation VIII, as in previous generations, are a trio of Pokémon comprised of a Grass-type, Verleo, a Fire-type, Chashrew, and a Water-type, Azmander.

Gym LeadersEdit










Discussion of Generation VIIIEdit

Estelia thematic motifEdit


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