Fei and Fiona
Name Fei and Fiona
Japanese Name  ???
Hometown ???
Region Estelia
Family Scarlet (daughter)
Badge Embrace Badge
Preferred Type Fairy
First Appearance

Pokémon Eclipse Version

Class: Gym Leader

Fei and Fiona (Japanese:???, ???) are the ??? Gym Leaders and the owners of the ??? Gym. They specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon and give the Embrace Badge to Pokémon Trainers who defeat them.

In the gamesEdit

Fei and Fiona are husband and wife, as well as Scarlet's parents. They enjoy spreading peace, love, and joy through music and dance, and they absolutely adore wearing elaborate costumes, regardless of the occasion. Their Gym is the second to be challenged by the player, and those who defeat them are given the Embrace Badge and TM??? (???).


Pokémon Eclipse VersionEdit


Pokémon Eclipse VersionEdit

In the animeEdit


In the mangaEdit




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